Schedule (Summary)
- The full 2015 schedule can be found at the bottom of this page.

12-July: Basic data acquisition and control

                  Lecture: “Behaviour Technology,” Adam Kampff

                  Mini-Project: Arduino for DAQ and Control


13-July: Basic data analysis (with Python)

                  Lecture: Michael Brecht

                  Mini-Project: Psychophysics experiments


14-July: Automation

                  Lecture: John O’Keefe

                  Mini-Project: Home-cage monitoring and training (setup)


15-July: Animal training

                  Lecture: “Rodent Overview”, Zachary Mainen

                  Mini-Project: Home-cage monitoring and training (experiment)


16-July: Video acquisition: Optics, illumination and cameras

                  Lecture: “Fish Overview”, Mike Orger, Isaac Bianco, and Florian Engert

                  Mini-Project: Behaviour tracking (setup)


17-July: Computer vision

                  Lecture: Roger Hanlon

                  Mini-Project: Behaviour tracking (experiment)


18-July: Free-Day:   Surf Lessons and BBQ


19-July: Closed-loop environments

                  Lecture: Tom Mrsic-Flogel and Sonja Hofer

                  Mini-Project: Closed-loop sensory control (setup)


20-July: Restrained (tethered) behaviour

                  Lecture: “Fly Overview”, Andrew Straw

                  Mini-Project: Closed-loop sensory control (experiment)


21-July: Virtual reality #1

                  Lecture: Iain Couzin

                  Mini-Project: Introduction to head mounted VR


22-July: Virtual reality #2

                  Lecture: Bert Hölldolber

                  Mini-Project: Human psychophysics in virtual environments


23-July: Mini-Project Recap

                   Lecture: Patrick Haggard

                   Sailing trip and mid-course party


24-July: Course project pitches, assignments, and brainstorming


25-30 July: Course project work (mid-point presentations on the 28th)


31-July: Project Presentations

1-Aug: Feedback and final party (with student demos)

Teaching Lab CNP,
Aug 7, 2015, 6:17 AM